Alarm Components

HKC Quantum 70 (Wireless)

The Quantum is a fully integrated, wireless control panel using HKC’s SecureWave, two-way technology. With an integrated keypad, siren and dialler, Also, the aesthetics and elegant design lines mean that it can be mounted anywhere in the premises, Ideal for residential and small commercial application.

HKC SW 10270 (Hybrid)

​Designed for larger domestic and commercial applications the SW 1070 and larger zoned SW 20140 incorporates both HKC’s SecureWatch wired and SecureWave wireless technologies. The panel is a true hybrid and communicates with an extensive range of wired and wireless devices including life protection devices. A range of communicators and warning devices are also available to choose from.

Remote Keypad

A slim aesthetically pleasing keypad designed to complement modern interiors and comes complete with an extensive audio library. PROX reader version available.


This device is for use with all wired HKC panels, Alarms when magnet is moved away from reed contact.​

Shock (Inertia)

This device is for use with all wired HKC panels Detects vibrations on doors, windows, walls, etc. Comes in either white or brown.

RF Contact/RF Contact w/Shock (inertia)

It has superb RF range in a compact housing. Two-way wireless communication, Contains battery, Magnetic contact, Additional alarm & tamper terminals, Shock Sensor option available, available in white & brown.

PIR (Motion Detector)

HKC’s exceptional PIR’s are available in Dual and Quad versions. Alarm is triggered ​by motion. The device is available in wired and wireless  It has a Pet Immune feature and a 15m detection range.


Derived from HKC  highly successful, stylish and reliable RF-PIR detector; the RF-PIRCAM is fully wireless. It is available with a full colour VGA camera with built-in flash and delivers images to the HKC APP via the cloud-based SecureComm service. The RF-PIRCAM is designed to send images via the HKC APP when an alarm is triggered. In addition, authorised users can request images from the RF-PIRCAM.

Panic Button

Panic buttons are compatible with all HKC wired and hybrid panels. The panic button will activate the alarm system when pressed whether the alarm system is SET OR UNSET These are usually located close to hand in the main bedroom or under counter in business premisses .Come wired or wireless.

External Siren (SABB)

​External sounder suitable for external use can be set to low/medium/high volume also ,can adjust L.E.D strobe to On ,alternate or off  and battery backup and in the event of an alarm activation will sound until the alarm system has been unset. Comes wired or wireless.

RF Key FOB / Panic

A very useful device for the end user to control their alarm system. Similar in size to an average car key-fob the RF Fob delivers a range of features from arming your system set/unset/ partset and panic to raising a duress alarm.

Internal Echo Siren

​Internal sounder with built in flash suitable for internal use can be set to low/medium/high and in  the event of an alarm activation sound until the alarm system has been unset.