By having your system regularly serviced it negates the risk of technical failure and general wear-and-tear on parts that are on the exterior of the house potentially affected by the weather and also the electrical aspect of the interior parts to an alarm system.

It is very important to test your alarm system on a regular basis to ensure that your alarm system works. The best way to ensure that your alarm system functions correctly is to have a preventative maintenance contract. The maintenance work must be carried out by a PSA licensed alarm contractor. This will ensure that the following is completed:

  • Annual maintenance visits by one of our P.S.A licenced installers.
  • Visual checks for signs of wear and tear.
  • Batteries are checked and replaced if necessary.
  • Test operations of all internal and external sirens, sounders and motion sensors.
  • Test sensitivity of shock sensors and panic buttons.
  • Test operation of all contact points.
  • Site walk around and test of all fixings.
  • Test alarm activation end to end with your alarm receiving centre/designated phone.
  • Reset alarm codes if required.
  • Complete and provide you with a service report.
  • Ensure keyholder details are up to date if your alarm is monitored.

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